ConScription 2009
Auckland, Queen's Birthday weekend

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The Events

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The Writers' Workshop of Unusual Length will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The rest of the convention, for the "consumers", will be held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. To learn about the workshop, click on the link. This section is about the rest of the events.

the final programme

This is the latest programme schedule as of 29 May 2009. The website will no longer be updated, and all last-minute programme changes will be notified on the convention's whiteboard.

Times are given in the 24-hour clock (13:00 = 1 pm, etc.). Each timeslot lasts until the beginning of the next one in the table; for instance, Dr Schlock's Bad Film Festival takes place from 00:00 (midnight) until 09:00 each morning.

Friday, 29 May
time room 1 room 2 room 3 other
17:00     Role-playing games, board-oriented games, games, modelling registration opens
18:00 (setup) Writing with both sides of the brain &mdash fiction and non-fiction (Julie E. Czerneda and Tee Morris) My first con (Louise McCully and Dea Matthews)  
19:00 Opening ceremony  
20:00 Get Me To The Escape Pod!: Audio Your Way Via Podcasting (Tee Morris) Ice cream pyjama/toga party (guests of honour)
Saturday, 30 May
time room 1 room 2 room 3 other
00:00 Dr Schlock's Bad Film Festival (the prequel) Filking  
09:00 You got my fantasy in your history! You got your history in my fantasy! (Tee Morris and Phillippa Ballantine) Kids/YA Fantasy's Hot: What Makes It Rock? (Helen Lowe)
10:00 Three Hours of Violence
These programme items will run consecutively with little or no pause.
Role-playing games, board-oriented games, modelling
12:00 Scratch costuming workshop (Terri Doyle)
13:00 lunch break
14:00 A chat with a Canuck (Roger Czerneda)   Star Trek (Peter Ranyard)  
15:00 Building fantastic worlds (Helen Lowe and Julie E. Czerneda) Are you sure you want to go there? (Tee Morris, Barbara Clendon) A role-playing game, suitable for beginners (Kevin Veale) &mdash see the link for details and registration
16:00 Speculative fiction in music (Russell Kirkpatrick) Medieval weaponry (Stephen Litten)
17:00 Insects in science fiction (Lisa Baird) Being a writer (guests of honour)
18:00 GoH presentation (Nalini Singh)  
19:00 dinner break What's happening at Weta (Norman Cates) dinner break
20:00 The Wearable Art Party — see the link for guidelines Role-playing games, board-oriented games, modelling  
23:00 Filking
Sunday, 31 May
time room 1 room 2 room 3 other
00:00 Dr Schlock's Bad Film Festival Filking  
09:00 SF & Real Life (Julie E. Czerneda) Traders' market Steampunk (Tee Morris) Camera safari (Roger Czerneda), at the nearby Butterfly Creek. Meet at 09:00 at the registration desk.
10:00 Into the Future: Beyond Harry Potter (Julie E. Czerneda, Helen Lowe, Barbara Clendon) Guest presentation (Tee Morris)
11:00 ???????? (Mike Loder) SF Quiz
(Jacqui Smith)
Creating aliens (Julie E. Czerneda)  
12:00 From Word to Vision
(Julie E. Czerneda)
Auction What's my line? (Simon Litten, et al.)
13:00 lunch break lunch break
14:00 The space programme (Matthew Pavletich) GoH presentation (Robbie Matthews) Social media: New Zealand's Connection to a Global Audience (Tee Morris)  
15:00 Sex in literature (Barbara Clendon and Nalini Singh) Future libraries (Maree Pavletich, Malcolm Fletcher, Kirsty McMillan) Anti-social media (Tee Morris)
16:00 GoH presentation (Julie E. Czerneda) SFFANZ presentation of works nominated for Sir Julius Vogel awards
17:00 Liars' Panel (guests of honour) Future Weapons (Mike Loder) Real fantasy (Stephen Litten)
18:00 Green screen (Glenn Young) Turkey dinner: reading from Eye of Argon   Book launch of Russell Kirkpatrick's Beyond The Wall Of Time, in the bar
19:00 (banquet setup) State of the publishing business and marketing SF titles (Julie E. Czerneda)  
20:00 The banquet, followed by presentation of the Sir Julius Vogel awards Role-playing games, board-oriented games, modelling
23:00 Filking
Monday, 1 June
time room 1 room 2 room 3 other
00:00 The Return of Dr Schlock's Bad Film Festival Filking  
09:00 breakfast break
10:00 Fannish Olympics (Alan Parker) SFFANZ business meeting    
12:00 Closing ceremony trip to SPCA
13:00 Dead Dog Party, incorporating Reading and Q&A with Julie E. Czerneda, at the poolside or in the bar

programme item descriptions

throughout the con

Guest of Honour presentations
over Saturday and Sunday
We have, naturally, scheduled "speeches" from Guests of Honour Julie E. Czerneda, Russell Kirkpatrick, Robbie Matthews, and Nalini Singh, and from guest Tee Morris. The quote marks are because these presentations won't necessarily be speeches as such.

Dr Schlock's Film Festival
00:00 to 09:00 every morning, rooms 1 and 2
In the middle of the night, when all civilised people are in their beds, or someone else's, horror erupts. That's right, we're going to run really bad SF movies from the end of other proceedings each night until breakfast next morning.

late nights and early mornings, room 3
Here's where we take popular songs and kinda kick them while they're down. We are privileged to have as our Fan GoH Robbie Matthews, who is a noted Australian filker. Our own cadre of talented miscreants joins in.

Role-playing games, board-oriented games, modelling
evenings, room 3
Space for RPG and BOG players and modellers — do your own thing.

Friday, 29 May

Writing with both sides of the brain &mdash fiction and non-fiction
Julie E. Czerneda and Tee Morris
Friday at 18:00, room 2
Writers who write both non-fiction and fiction describe how the two disciplines interact and interfere with each other. How do you carve time for writing fiction from a schedule filled with non-fiction projects? Why do authors float between reality and fantasy, and what are the challenges between the two?

My first con
Friday at 18:00, room 3
Louise McCully and Dea Matthews
There are a few bits of Conetiquette you should know; and we're not referring to the US state. We've been doing this a long time and can give you tips on how to get the best experience out of the con.

Opening ceremony
Friday at 19:00, rooms 1 and 2
Behold the majesty and the wonder, the pomp and the circumstance. About half an hour long, followed by the....

Ice cream pyjama/toga party
Friday at 20:00, room 3
guests of honour
Ice cream, cocoa and bedtime stories read by our guest authors. Prizes for best and worst pyjamas or togas. Note: Inclusion of togas for all the people who protested "But I don't wear pyjamas!"

Get Me To The Escape Pod!: Audio Your Way Via Podcasting
Tee Morris
Friday at 20:00, rooms 1 and 2
It's the latest craze of the Internet and it's taking the world by storm — and chances are you still don't know what it's all about! Podcasting is the ability to assume the role of station programmer and turn your computer or mp3 player into your own private radio station. Talk radio. Hard-to-find indie music. Tech tips. Audio books... but we call them Podiobooks. It can all be found in Podcasting. Tee Morris (author of Podcasting for Dummies and the creator of leads the panel to explain what podcasting is, what is needed to make it happen, what shows you should be listening to... and how to do it yourself!

Saturday, 30 May

You got my fantasy in your history! You got your history in my fantasy!
Tee Morris and Phillippa Ballantine
Saturday at 09:00, rooms 1 and 2
Science Fiction never blinks at incorporating events and icons of history... but we rarely see crossovers with fantasy and history and not have it called "Alternative History". So why can't we have elves fighting alongside William Wallace? Why can't we have sorcerers on the White House cabinet? J.K. Rowling invented the "Ministry of Magic", so does this mean that at one time Cornelius Fudge reported to Tony Blair? (If so, why didn't the Ministry of Magic do anything to help out with the Foot-and-Mouth and Mad Cow epidemics?) Why are Fantasy authors hesitant to combine their history with their fantasy? Where is the line between "Historical Fantasy" and "Alternative History"? Authors discuss the challenges, the pitfalls, and the fun in enjoying these two tastes that taste great together.

Kids/YA Fantasy's Hot: What Makes It Rock?
Helen Lowe
Saturday at 09:00, room 3
Kids/YA Fantasy Lit is hot right now, from schools for wizards to sparkly vampires, but it's not just tweens and teens that are reading it — and writing it. Helen Lowe takes a look at what makes Kids/YA literature rock in an event for anyone who loves the genre — or who's keen to write it. Come prepared to discuss, argue, enthuse: pen and paper useful.

Three Hours of Violence
Saturday at 10:00 to 13:00, rooms 1 and 2
These programme items will run consecutively with little or no pause.
  • Display of sword-fighting
    Nic Harrison and sword fighters from the Dawn Revers demonstrate the blade skills and footwork involved in duelling with longswords. Swordplay in the age of chivalry and later. Historical and romance writers will definitely want to see this. The display kindly made possible by Belenos Events.

  • Imaginos Films
    Imaginos Films have, among other things, produced a bunch of DVDs about NZ historical re-enactors. Mike Hansen and Tina Helg will be talking about (and showing) what can be achieved with little or no budget. There'll also be a first look at a couple of props from upcoming projects... be afraid! They'll finish with a screening of their documentary film about Roman re-enactors, Legio II: A Passion for History (25 min), which is the perfect introduction for...

  • The Roman Invasion
    The Romans have landed! Members of the Second Legion Augusta and the NZ Gladiator School will be displaying their gear, armour and weapons, and talking about what they do, and why. They'll be bringing along their ballista catapult, and the gladiators will fight for the crowd's entertainment. Ave Caesar, hail Rome!

Scratch costuming workshop
Terri Doyle
Saturday at 12:00, room 3
Materials supplied but feel free to bring your own. Make your masterpiece and enter it in the wearable arts costume party. Project Runway, eat your heart out.

A chat with a Canuck
Roger Czerneda
Saturday at 14:00, room 1
Join Roger Czerneda for a candid conversation about things in the Other North, from Canadian aviation and wilderness camping, to what it's really like living with that famous science fiction author, Julie E. Czerneda.

Star Trek
Saturday at 14:00, room 3
Scriptwriter Peter Ranyard talks about his experience of writing for Star Trek.

Building fantastic worlds
Helen Lowe and Julie E. Czerneda
Saturday at 15:00, room 1
The panellists discuss the process of world-building in their science fiction and fantasy writing, including similarities and differences between the sub-genres, with opportunity for those attending to share their own experiences and observations of world-building through writing, games, drama and film.

Are you sure you want to go there?
Tee Morris, Barbara Clendon
Saturday at 15:00, room 2
Rape. Torture. Childhood trauma. Sex with dwarves. Sometimes it's done for a laugh. Sometimes it's done for an emotional response. Sometimes, we ask ourselves "What was that all about?!" So why not ask the pros who do it? A panel that goes into the darker side of writing, where the envelope is not only pushed but fed to the shredder. When is "shock" essential to the story, and when is it sensational? Find out if authors add in moments of terror and extreme situations in order to surprise an audience, or as an alternative to group therapy.

A role-playing game, suitable for beginners
Kevin Veale
Saturday at 15:00 to 18:00, room 3
Kevin Veale has volunteered to run a newbie-suitable, no-experience-required role-playing game, for a maximum of five people (plus Kevin). In the game, children and their monster friends con adventuring parties while keeping the scam a secret from their town. If you're interested in participating, send an email to Applicants will be taken on a first-in first-served basis. The only things you need are yourselves, although d10 dice would be useful (up to 10 each), along with any scrap paper for notetaking.

Here's the description of the game.

Once upon a time, there was a village that existed in the lee of a deep, infamous dungeon. The people in the town sold things to the people who came to explore the dungeon at a high markup, and things were peaceful.

But the children of the town played in the dungeon, and made friends with some of the monsters there. They told their monster friends when people would come to hurt them, and the monsters told the other monsters, and they all hid.

So the adventurers started to stop coming. The town began to fade.

Until the children had a wonderful idea, and talked to their monsters. What if they started making sure that when adventurers came to the dungeon, they had a really good show....

More information at the game's website, at The Dungeon Monster's Guide is a module for five players using the Monsters and Other Childish Things system from Arc Dream Publishing. Pregenerated characters are provided.

Medieval weaponry
Stephen Litten
Saturday at 16:00, room 2
Hack and slash! How they really coped back in the day.

Speculative fiction in music
Russel Kirkpatrick
Saturday at 16:00, room 1
From Purple People Eaters to laser-wielding cowboys, music has long featured content we recognise as Speculative Fiction. But how has this changed over time, and why? Join Russell as he uses this theme as a flimsy excuse to expose you to some of the weirdest noises and most brilliant tunes you're ever likely to hear. (This replaces Russel Kirkpatrick GoH presentation.)

Insects in science fiction
Lisa Baird
Saturday at 17:00, room 1
Creepy crawlies, crawling and, errr, creeping. But do authors get it right when they base their aliens on insects? What about insect behaviour? You may need this session as a survival course, as insects are the largest group on Earth. Just how intelligent are they, and who are really in charge?

Being a writer
guests of honour
Saturday at 17:00, room 2
It's more than telling stories and being fast on a keyboard. There's dealing with Real Life and Those Who Don't Get It. There's dishes and feeding pets and laundry. Not to mention Accounting! Join us for a cheerful, practical discussion of what can help you, the writer, not only survive, but thrive.

Nalini Singh's GoH presentation
Saturday at 18:00, rooms 1 and 2

What's happening at Weta
Norman Cates
Saturday at 19:00, room 3
Any notes taken will have to eaten before you leave and RetCon pills will be available at the door. Oh, you think we're joking?

The Wearable Art Party
Saturday at 20:00 to 24:00, rooms 1 and 2
There will be no formal masquerade. Instead, there will be a Wearable Art Party. Yes, there will be judges and prizes. What there will not be is rows of chairs full of bored people waiting for something to happen.

The guidelines:

  1. Two categories of entry; (a) pre-made costume and (b) "scratch" costume (such as made in the scratch costuming workshop, for example).
  2. Presentations may be of any length, but the "stage" will be vacated for the next entrant/contestant no more than two (2) minutes after your arrival thereon. Yes, we will be timing it.
  3. Costumers and/or presenters must be aware that there will be children present.
  4. While we have no "weapons policy" other than common sense, we reserve the right to exclude any item(s) or behavior that poses unnecessary risk of public harm. If you must whip it out and measure it, do it in the privacy of your hotel room.

Sunday, 31 May

SF & Real Life
Julie E. Czerneda
Sunday at 09:00, room 1
Julie doesn't just write and enjoy science fiction, she's a leading advocate for its use to help navigate our ever-changing world. Whether in classrooms, over a morning cup of tea, or in boardrooms, the reasoned speculation of SF can empower us all and lead to better decision-making. And the subversive part? It's great fun!

Traders' market
Sunday at 09:00 to 11:00, room 2

Tee Morris
Sunday at 09:00, room 3
Steampunk has been referred to as "the Future trend of Science Fiction", but isn't what Gibson and Sterling started with The Difference Engine merely a return to the classics as spun by Verne and Wells? Join Tee as he looks at recent works of Steampunk, shares his opinions of what makes Steampunk different from the founding fathers of Science Fiction, and why the genre is so appealing.

Tee Morris's guest presentation
Sunday at 10:00, room 3

Camera safari
Roger Czerneda
Sunday at 09:00 to 11:00, Butterfly Creek (meet at 09:00 at the registration desk; the creek opens at 09.30)
Oooohhh, pretty pretty! Get that camera snapping but remember to properly compose your shots! Before departure, Roger will talk to the participants, and after the return, will take a look at everyone's photos. (Laptops will be provided for viewing the photos.)

Into the Future: Beyond Harry Potter
Julie E. Czerneda, Helen Lowe, Barbara Clendon
Sunday at 10:00, room 1
New Directions in Speculative Fiction. The pundits speculate.

Mike Loder
Sunday at 11:00, room 1
Note: not a typo or space filler due to absence of text. It's just the best way to describe Mike. A crowd favourite with fifteen years experience, the "Billy T" Award winner has been a regular feature act on TV's Pulp Comedy.

SF Quiz
Jacqui Smith
Sunday at 11:00, room 2
Get your thinking caps on, rev up your teams of four and gird your loins to do battle. Are you smarter than a newbie?

Creating aliens
Julie E. Czerneda
Sunday at 11:00, room 3
Nothing to it! Find out how a little ecology, a dash of reality, and a smidge of interspecies communication can do wonders for your alien creations. (Or fantastic monsters... we're happy to oblige!) Extra credit for those who bring their own glue and pipecleaners.

From Word to Vision
Julie E. Czerneda
Sunday at 12:00, room 1
Julie presents a visual tribute to her cover artist, Luis Royo. See preliminary sketches, learn about what goes into the final cover choices, and find out why Esen's horrible hat is perfect.

Sunday at 12:00 to 14:00, room 2
Enough goodies to give any fan a serious attack of the gimmes.... Including an autographed autobiography of Arthur C Clarke (reserve $200). Please get your items listed early. A commission of 10% will apply to all sales, except those to benefit fannish charities.

What's my line?
Simon Litten, et al.
Sunday at 12:00, room 3
With a twist. Come on, it's Simon, there's going to be a twist.

The space programme
Matthew Pavletich
Sunday at 14:00, room 1
NASA, ESA, China, India, Japan and Brazil: what's new, what's being developed. You'll know as much as we can tell you. The Space Shuttle era is coming to an end — what's next for manned and unmanned space flight?

Robbie Matthews's GoH presentation
Sunday at 14:00, room 2

Social media: New Zealand's Connection to a Global Audience
Tee Morris
Sunday at 14:00, room 3
Writers know the Internet, but not all writers quite take advantage of its full potential. With the evolution of the Web 2.0, potential readers are only a click away. But what exactly is this thing called Social Media? What's the difference between an email newsletter and a blog? How is a podcast different from streaming media? At this panel, you will pick up the vocabulary and background of exactly what Social Media is, what it can do, and what it cannot do.

Sex in literature
Barbara Clendon and Nalini Singh
Sunday at 15:00, room 1
Too much, too little, too weird, not weird enough?

Future libraries
Maree Pavletich, Malcolm Fletcher, Kirsty McMillan
Sunday at 15:00, room 2
Do they have one in the era of Google, digital text libraries and iPhones with AirPAC?

Anti-social media
Tee Morris
Sunday at 15:00, room 3
Whether you attended the "Social media" talk, you're going to want to attend this panel. There's a lot to Social Media, and there is also just as much you can do wrong when trying to implement Twitter, Facebook, or a podcast. From the people who are actively participating in a variety of Social Media initiatives, hear their opinions on where Social Media goes completely and horribly wrong.

Julie E. Czerneda's GoH presentation
Sunday at 16:00, rooms 1 and 2

SFFANZ presentation of works nominated for the Sir Julius Vogel awards
Sunday at 16:00, room 3
Presented after voting has closed, so as not to unduly influence any voter's opinion.

Liars' Panel
guests of honour
Sunday at 17:00, room 1
Ask any question of the panellists and we will tell you the plain unvarnished truth, straight from the horse's mouth. Yes, we will be spilling the beans and letting the cat out of the bag. All in the name of truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Honest. Cross our hearts. You can trust us.

Future Weapons
Mike Loder
Sunday at 17:00, room 2
What the battlefield will be like in the next five, ten, twenty years, and how this may influence the nature of warfare and soldiers.

Real fantasy
Stephen Litten
Sunday at 17:00, room 3
Fantasy is often set in a quasi-medieval world, but what happens when you take the "quasi" away? How gritty would it be? How would it smell? What diseases would strike you down that we don't even consider a threat today? Remember, in medieval times, a 40-year-old was considered elderly.

Green screen
Glenn Young
Sunday at 18:00, room 1
HOW TO USE ONE! WHEN YOU ARE FILMING! NO! NOT THOSE MOVIES! Things like the 48 hour challenge. Sheeesh, this is a family show! Well, more or less....

Turkey dinner: a reading from Eye of Argon
Sunday at 18:00, room 2
Our Commander-in-chief's rave fave. A truly epic text to stand alongside Perry Rhodan, Bulwer-Lytton and other literary luminaries... on the fence, just before you pull the shotgun trigger.... Audience participation — anyone is welcome to read for as long as they're able.

book launch of Russell Kirkpatrick's Beyond The Wall Of Time
Sunday at 18:00, in the bar
Nibbles and juice supplied, with cash bar. Be there or be a rhombic dodecahedron!

State of the publishing business and marketing SF titles
Julie E. Czerneda
Sunday at 19:00, room 3
See the feeding frenzy of (as yet) unpublished authors. Finally we get some answers!

The banquet, followed by presentation of the Sir Julius Vogel awards
Sunday at 20:00 to 24:00, rooms 1 and 2
The menu is barbeque, as the theme is Australian, in honour of our fan GoH and other "across the ditch" guests. Dinner is $39 per person, but the SJV ceremony is free. The price can be paid when registering for the convention — or at the convention, by lunchtime, Saturday 30 May, at the registration desk. Please sign up as soon as possible, so we can give a fairly accurate number to the hotel.

Monday, 1 June

Fannish Olympics
Alan Parker
Monday at 10:00 to 12:00, room 1
Includes Jordan Hockey! Just one of the Olympic events, involving hockey sticks, certain books, a goal... well, by now you will have some idea.

SFFANZ business meeting
Monday at 10:00 to 12:00, room 2
Hear ye, hear ye! If you want to know what's going on in New Zealand fandom, be there. If you want to make a difference, be there. Are we clear?

Closing ceremony
Monday at 12:00, rooms 1 and 2
It's over — retreat to the Dead Dog Party.

trip to SPCA
Monday at 12:00
Cuteness overload. Support a group that does awesome work.

Dead Dog Party incorporating Reading and Q&A with Julie E. Czerneda
Monday at 13:00, or whenever the closing ceremony ends
All left-overs, i.e., drink, food and people, to congregate either in the bar or out by the pool, for chilling out and reflecting on the past weekend. Also, Julie E. Czerneda reads her work out to you, while you can quiz her about her work. Only at an sf con!

the banquet menu

In honour of our Australian fellow fen and Guests of Honour, the Banquet will be a barbeque selection.

The price is $39, which can be paid while registering for the convention, or at the convention, by lunchtime, Saturday 30 May. Please sign up as soon as possible, so we can give a fairly accurate number to the hotel.


assorted oven fresh bread

cold selection
potato salad
coleslaw with raisin & pineapple
fresh tomato with shaved parmesan & basil pesto
cucumber salad
green salad with a selection of dressings & condiments

hot selection
baked jacket potatoes
corn on the cob
garlic & herb roasted root vegetables

from the grill
beef & garlic sausages
garlic & herb marinated lamb shoulder chop
Tandoor marinated chicken drumstick
lemon pepper fish fillet

a selection of cakes & slices
fresh fruit platter
freshly brewed coffee and a selection of teas & herbal infusions

ConScription 2009
Auckland, Queen's Birthday weekend

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